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About Erisha International

Erisha International is the name you can trust while dealing  handmade products from Nepal. We are associated company of Shoraj International, a company having more than 20 years of trade background and several busy showrooms in various parts of Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal.

We produce, supply, wholesale and export wide range of high quality Pashminas and silk products , stylish fashionable embroidery handmade garments, and few other handmade products which you can find in this website. We have two different Showrooms and a wholesale outlet at Annapurna Handicraft Market at Satghumti, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal and a well-established production facilities at Khushibu, kathmandu. 

Our products are especially made by our team of quality conscious master craftsmen who inherit craft skills passed on and improved on through generations. That's why we are able to present to you the gamut of unique and exquisite handmade creations.

Our Objective    

We aim to introduce and market our exquisite colorful and stylish products to the people in different parts of the world and help our local craftsmen to uplift their livelihood simultaneously with the sales we make. 

We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits. We also aim to share certain portion of our sales profit to the local charities working in the welfare and development of craftsmanship and other sector such as child education, women skill development, Buddhism and so on. Not to mention, we strongly oppose child labor.

Our Markets  

Our elegant and unique products has opened the door of fortunes in the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia and a few other countries. Our existing international customers are very satisfied with our products and services as we apply strict quality controls and excellent customer service.
We are constantly reviewing markets and trends and would like to expand our operations to all interested professional parties in any country that may see the benefits of working with us that provide high quality and attractive genuine handmade products.

Customized orders  

We encourage our interested customers, who wish to order in bulk, to tell us or suggest their own designs if they have any. We will be very pleased to collaborate with such orders. Please click here to fill up the inquiry form. And, If you have any queries regarding our products and services or similar products which you are looking but which is not available in our website, do write us an e-mail , we will try our best to reply at the earliest and get you the stuff you wish to have.

Our helpful team at Erisha International would like Thank you once again for visiting this website and showing interest in our products.

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